Cherwood Talbot Madison Slvrlynn

(picture coming soon)

Madison is a wonderful companion, and seems to keep things moving here at home. She loves toys, and will play with and tire out every pup and dog around and then stand with a toy in her mouth looking at everyone as if to say “Why are you stopping?” She is a very light sterling silver, and a beautiful girl!

Wickfair's Brooklyn at Robroy

(picture coming soon)

Brooklyn is what I call a “teenager” at this time. She loves to find pencils and pens to “fix” for me (by breaking in two)! About every five minutes, while playing, she will jump up beside me as if to say “Do you need anything, Mom? A kiss, a snuggle? Are you OK?”, and if I reassure her, she goes back to her games. She is a beauty, and a wonderful addition to our family. He coat is transitioning to a beautiful silver color.

Wickfair's Brooklyn at Robroy Pedigree

Dawn's Early Light at Robroy


Phoebe, also a teenager, has a wonderful personality. She is Madison’s daughter, and has inherited Madison’s wonderful, sweet nature. She loves long walks and her time out in the yard in the fresh air. Her silver coloring is still coming in, and it is fun to see her coat change and lighten month by month.