I do love toy dogs! I bred Pomeranians for about 15 years, but found that brushing their thick coats became hard on my hands. I slowly ended my breeding of Poms, and finally purchased a silver poodle a while back from Bev Rangel of Talbott Toy Poodles. Well, Madison came out of her crate at the airport, pushed her muzzle into my neck and held it there, and I was hooked!

While getting to know Madison and her darling personality, memories flooded back of PePe, a minature black poodle that was my first dog at the age of 14, of Susie, my sister’s toy silver poodle, and of a silver minature poodle I was able to take into the ring when very young by a loving neighbor. I slowly made the decision that I wanted to breed silver poodles.

I kept a puppy from Madison’s first litter, Phoebe, and purchased a wonderful girl from JoAnn Hetherwick of Wickfair Toy Poodles, Brooklyn. Now I had three silver girls, and it occurred to me that I need a little boy! I could not believe it when Brady became available from Elaine Thorup of Starz Toy Poodles. Brady, who has so much to offer, arrived at my home to greet three silver girls, and my new kennel, Rob Roy Toy Poodles, was born!

Clippers do the majority of the work in grooming so my hands are not sore, and the hypo-allergenic, non-shedding coat makes the poodle the perfect house dog. I currently teach third grade, and coming home to my poo friends is the high point of my day! The personalities and charming quirks of my dogs constantly delight and entertain me, and I strive to return to them, through the care and love I give them, a small fraction of the joy and delight they bring to me.