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An Ancient Breed

Isn’t it amazing? The poodle is recognized as one of the most ancient breeds of dogs! By the 15th century, various writings and art works depict a dog that looks very much like the ancestor of today’s poodle, even down to the trimmed coat! Since the 18th century, the poodle is the most frequently appearing dog in various works of art.

This, to me, explains why poodles seem to understand English! The smallest puppy, if told “drop it” when picking up something they shouldn’t have, almost always immediately drops it! How can this be? The poodle seems to sense what their owner is thinking, feeling and wanting, and is eager to please! Does the ancient history of this breed explain why the poodle is one of the most wonderful companions of all time?


I find the pedigrees of my dogs to be fascinating things! When I look at them, I feel many things. First, I feel a curiosity to know these breeders in the past that loved and cared for their poodles and made decisions that affect the quality of the dogs I have today. Second, I feel a gratitude to this unconnected group of people for the magnificent physical and emotional traits my dogs exhibit, and for pulling together more and more to do health screening and attempt to eradicate from the breed dominant health problems.

Last, I do feel a sadness when I think of unscrupulous breeders who produce dogs that blur and even destroy the wonderful qualities of today’s poodle. I hope each potential poodle owner will realize that these loyal companions are a result of their owners efforts to either preserve and improve the breed, or merely to profit from it with no thought to the quality of the dog they are producing.

My Goals

It is the exquisite nature of the well-bred poodle that inspires my goals as a breeder. I hope to, foremost, preserve the health, physical attributes and amazing personalities of today’s poodle. Beyond this, my dream is to add to my dogs’ pedigrees a new generation of poodles that are of such a high quality that they are sought out from among many other choices.

Because I must maintain a very small kennel for the present time, I have chosen to focus on silver poodles only. I love all AKC recognized color choices, but I have fond memories of silver poodles from my youth, and think the silver dog is just beautiful!